Unison Show

I have been working all weekend getting ready for the show that is advertised in tonight's photo.It is a great show, with fine quality work and a minimum of wood and dried flower crafts.

If there are wood crafts, they are handmade pens and clocks. If they are dried flowers, it is one vendor and they are exotic works of art.

I love the vendors and the customers at the show. If I could find more like this I would do them. Out of all the local school shows, this is the BEST as it is run by an arts organization, and the clientele tends to be art sensitive.

The weekend is over. I have school work to do, and I am hoping that the predicted freezing rain will give me a bit of a delay. It would be a lovely gift. In fact, it would be an even nicer gift to get off so that I have a relaxed day in the studio, and maybe, MAYBE even get some time to myself. Now that is a novel thought.

Will report back tomorrow, patti o weather


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