What I Want for Christmas

I find myself having a hard time writing this blog tonight.

It is coming upon the holiday season, and we are trying to figure out how to get Megan and Alanna home for Christmas.

I don't want for much in my life, in fact, I think I have too much. I would trade it all to have my children healthy in mind and body; it saddens me when I know otherwise.

I am glad I will have my daughter one more Christmas. I pray that she will beat the statistics....and be one of the 35-50% who live beyond 5 years with LMS. We make every email, every conversation count. I cannot stand when we disagree, or when I say something that hurts her. I have learned to make amends, something which has been hard for me.

I want very little this Christmas. One thing that I ask, is that if you want to do something to make a difference in the world, make a donation to the National Leiomysarcoma foundation, or buy a bracelet (they are a mere 2.50). With funding being cut right and left by our government, we need to dig into our pockets in order to support cancer research. I know I will buy bracelets for friends and relatives this holiday season and make donations to organizations that will feed people with cancer, aids, and other diseases who have so much less than I.

While I am writing this, I got a phone call from my friend's mother who called to tell me that he is in the hospital in hospice in bad condition. He has 15 cancerous tumors in his brain......say a prayer for him.

May you and yours have a healthy and fulfilling holiday season.



MB Shaw said…
Yes, we all have too much, don't we? I hope your wishes for those less fortunate (and especially your wish for Megan's health!) all come true.

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