Celebrating in the Catskills

My birthday started out with a severe drug reaction from a medication I was given to try for my foot/hip pain and also deals with anxiety. Though I was reluctant to go on any sort of medication again, and I have been treating my pain and mood swings and anxiety through supplements and taking really good care of myself, I felt I should give it a shot. I was told it had very little in the way of side effects, did not affect weight or sex drive, and was a promising drug.

Oh my God. It was the worst reaction that I have ever had from any drug I have ever taken. (remember I was a teen in the 70's-in Woodstock NY no less, hahaha)I became manic, heart racing, speeding my head off, my muscles were twitching. I only had taken it for two days and by yesterday morning I knew I was in trouble.

I got online and discovered horror stories of withdrawal and drug reactions from this drug, Cymbalta. I know it has been a miracle drug for some, but I also know that the doctors hand these samples out like candy-here, try this for 6 weeks and call me.

Fortunately Larry knew what was going on and had planned a day that literally saved my butt as I was having a total melt down because I could not stand how I felt.

After going to our farmer's market and to a few stores, he took me for a ride to the mountains and had scheduled an appointment for a massage at the Emerson Spa in Mt. Tremper, followed by dinner at the Depuy Canal House. I have a few interesting stories and reviews on both of them which I will post over the next few days.

I had a wonderful deep tissue massage, and spent some time in the whirlpool, and in the wave pool, took a shower, feeling revived and somewhat relaxed. We stopped for a drink at the Phoenix, which is the bar/restaurant at the spa, and headed to High Falls for dinner.

I have some interesting comments on both places...both good and bad, mostly appalled at the quality of customer service when you drop big money. I will save that for a later blog.

I will post some pictures later, and oh, Larry bought be the Leatherman I have always wanted (a tool folks, lol) and a beautiful white gold bracelet to match the necklace he bought me last year. He is a wonderful man, so very good to me, and I told him that when I am out of control and say I want a divorce, to just humor me and it will pass. It always does. After all, I am quite the challenge too.

To being 50. patti


Mat said…
Happy Birthday Patti ;)

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