A Little Bit Greener

The older I get, the more simple and meaningful I want the holiday season to be.

I can't stand crowds, and I hate the mall though I don't mind shopping in smaller shops, where the owner can be found digging in the inventory and checking out customers.

I do like to shop on occasion in some of the "chain stores" and I can never resist a Pier 1 or a Barnes and Noble during the holiday season.

Journals, books, music, candles...all the things that make MY life a sensual life.

One of the best books I found thus far is Michael de Jong's CLEAN: The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing. I am becoming more and more aware of the toxins we put into our body, into the environment, and when we are cleaning we are doing BOTH.

This book, small in size but large in impact, has simple recipes for cleaning using baking soda, vinegar, borax, lemon, and salt. It makes a great stocking stuffer/gift, and costs a mere 7.95 at B&N. I have a few extra copies, and am debating as to whom I am going to give them to.

Today we used the recipe for cleaning the microwave, which had a moderate splattering of tomato sauce and other speckles of unknown foods decorating the inside in a colorful array. After boilling 3 spoonfuls of baking soda in a cup of water inside of the microwave, we were able to wipe down the inside with a paper towel. Larry had to boil the water a few times, but it worked fabulously, the inside is sparkling, and it was all done without inhaling or touching harmful chemicals.

At this time of year I always recommend wearing rubber gloves--- in the winter, any over-exposure of my hands to water will make them crack and hurt.

I got my snow day, got many little loose ends tied up.....laundry, wrapping, cleaning, cooking, resting a bit...soon I am heading up to take a hot bath, change the sheets, and put in a movie....

Then sometime tomorrow morning, we will have to deal with a foot of snow.......



Anonymous said…
yeah for green cleaning. Lemon juice in a bowl with water is also great for the microwave. Glad you got your snow day....I hoping for more on sunday as well.....love, hugs KiSS

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