At Peace

I awoke to a soft quiet layer of snow. The trees were laden with the heavy snow, the electric went out a few times from lines stretched or down.

No cars, no footprints, a perfect white blanket laid upon the landscape.

I remember the joy of getting pulled down the street on our Flexible Flyer by my mother, bundled up a snowsuit and red rubber boots that went over my shoes. I must have been about 3 or 4, and my brother Jim about 2. It didn't happen much after that as my mother had more babies, and could no longer haul all of us.

I hated when someone ran through the yard in the snow, making forts, snowmen and in general messing up the snow with footprints. It wrecked the aesthetics of an unbroken virgin field of white. I still feel that way. Strange I suppose, and perhaps it is the only thing I am anal about in my life.

I stayed in all day, took a hot bath, sipped glug. I bought webspace, started fixing the bugs in my pagibbons website that have been long overlooked, and updated some of my internet sites. I have to start designing my new site and that is always a challenge for me. A course in Dreamweaver would be helpful, or a template of sorts for me to just fill in.

As I sit here I am listening to the beautiful voices of Chorus Angelicus. I ordered a CD of choral music recorded in the Sistine Chapel, with a few pieces woven with the etherial and haunting saxaphone of Jan Gabarek.

I am completely at peace.

Later we will go to a friend's house for a few hours, and then come home to bring in the New Year in whatever way we see fit.

May this year be FULL of peace and may this war end. Amen.

Happy New Year's Eve, Patti

Snowflowers laden with snow in the garden


tangled stitch said…
Happy New Year! I love freshly fallen snow too. I hope you have a wonderful peaceful New Year and I hope this damn war is over soon too!

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