Dirty Hotel Secrets..a Must See Video

A friend of mine forwarded this to me several days ago. I just watched it and was horrified. And glad that I am saw it, and you ALL should watch it too. I will NEVER drink out of a hotel glass again that is in the room.

Though I am not a germaphobe, I am very aware of what can be transmitted through drinking glasses, unclean food, etc. I have been the victim of a nasty staph infection which ate through my skin, down to the bone. I carried it systemically for months. I think I had a form of MRSA. (I was running down a carpeted ramp at work, fell, skinned my knee up pretty badly, was sent to the hospital the next day for treatment through workman's comp, than POW, I got an infection and ended up on crutches for a very long time!!)

In fact, I currently have a stye in my eye. I can't help but wonder about the fact that one of our students is in the hospital in isolation with MRSA. Sadly, the school had told us they are in complete compliance with state regs, and must feel that they don't have the responsibility of giving us any in-service about the infection and how it is carried, spread etc. Imagine, a school who is in the business of education, not educating their staff? I am pissed.

But NYS law says that a student with MRSA has the right to come to school, has the right to confidentiality, and one single case does not have to be reported. I guess that also means ignorance is bliss for the rest of us.

So do take a few minutes to view this video. It might keep you from getting something that you had no clue how you got!


ps: The photo is of a wonderful martini I had in Belmar, NJ. Hopefully, a glass run through the dishwasher.


MB Shaw said…
Yuck, yuck and triple yuck. I will never again complain about the individually wrapped plastic cups at the Hampton Inn. In fact, I will now welcome them.
tangled stitch said…
Have to agree. Thanks for the warning.
loel said…
remember, alcohol can sterilize those glasses!

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