The Z Coils

Larry received two packages from his dear friend Eric. One, a fabulous limited edition photography book for his collection, another, a pair of wild white shoes, one in the z coil line, similar to the above photo.

The shoes do not fit Larry. I look at the box, see they are my size, and promptly put them on and bounce all over the house in them.

I think, wow Larry, your friends just sent me a 150.00 pair of shoes? Did you tell them that I have foot and hip problems? How did they know my shoe size?

Larry shrugs, says he has no clue, and I continue to spend the night on my bizarre, but fun and comfy pair of shoes.

I think, hmmm....a bit funky, but I could see myself walking miles in these...

I make Larry call Eric. He tells Eric, "Patti is jumping over the Christmas tree in her new shoes!. Eric says ..... "what are you talking about?"

Turns out Eric has not sent me shoes. I feel sad and say, "you mean I am wearing someone else's shoes?" Turns out his shipping company made an error and we have to send them back so he can ship to their rightful owner.

Z Coils. They remind me of the name of the IUD that was recalled in the 60's. I ask Eric if I am supposed to wear them when I am having sex. He laughs heartily and can't WAIT to tell his wife the story.

I did go online and research all the styles they make. Pretty wild shoes, some look really cool, and let me tell you, they are unlike anything I have ever worn before, and they feel pretty amazing. I remember a friend of mine bought them in black several years ago and trekked all over Europe in them.

Hey Santa, haven't I been a really good girl this year?

Patti O Springer


Judy Vars said…
only an American woul treck all over Europe in a pair of z-coils too bad they look to old fartish.

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