This Year's Thank Yous

I have been busy with lots of entertaining for friends and family. My dishwasher has not seen a workout like this in years, the house has been cleaned in places that have not seen daylight in forever.

In the moments in between I have bought a new domain, started planning my business strategies for next year, and cleaned up 2 gigs of hard drive space on my computer, thanks to a great article on PC World that I found online. I have hot linked it here as it was easy to follow and created a miracle on this older jammed up computer.

I have had snippets of time to muse about life. I finally posted some news about my daughter on her MEGANAID blog. In doing that, I came to think about this past year.

It was the year that my daughter was diagnosed with a deadly rare form of cancer. It was the year that I had to watch her suffer greatly. It was the year that I co-parented my grandchild. It was a year that I had to face my own demons and work hard to heal. It was a year that my marriage almost fell apart. It was a year that I almost fell apart. It was also a year that my daughter got married, and now by some miracle has become pregnant.

It was a year of generosity, love, and support from a entire community of people, some I have never met in person. Strangers I met on the internet, friends, and family reached deep into their pockets, gave generously, with love. It was a year that I learned how to accept such gifts from others.

Not to be maudlin, but I am sitting here with tears running down my face because I have learned so much about selflessness and the love that is out in the world, presented to me kindly. Your donations of money for Megan, clothes for Alanna, meditations, and prayers have soothed and healed us in so many ways.

So to all of you out there, thank you. You have given us a gift that is priceless.

May it come back to you tenfold.

Photo: Megan and Dole on Xmas Eve


Anonymous said…
God Bless you Patti and thank you for sharing pieces your life and heart on your daily blog. That which doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. You are tough....forged in the fires of life.
Judy Vars said…
Dear Patti,
I am happy to be among the friends you have never met. Your blogs bring me insights and joy you have the energy of three people. Thank you for telling your story in your own honest way you are a good writer and artist and inspire me daily.
Peace for the new year be with you and your beautiful family.
Yours truly
Judy V
Anonymous said…
Can I has godparent status for the new bun too?? Alanna is going to be a big sister!

Please feel free to send my congrats to Megs and Randall!!!


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