It's Beginning to Look a lot like ??????

I am experimenting with the tripod that Larry picked up for me for 10.00 at a yard sale down the street from us.

For over a year I have been hand holding my cheap BUT GOOD Canon digital camera in low light conditions, and perhaps 1 in 30 pictures might have been decent enough to post on my blog.

I am an untrained photographer. I don't have any intention of BEING a photographer, and really don't want to know any more than I have to know. I will leave that to Larry. However, I am trying to figure out how to do the best with the least amount of equipment and information (lazy, eh?)

I have discovered I can get a sharper picture, but that I need some additional lighting from SOME source.

I do love the digital camera. For me it is instant art; I get to experiment, compose, light, and then work with in photoshop without getting my hands dirty. (I do plenty of that as it is)

SO...tonight's photo looks into my hallway. Over the holiday season I will be posting other photos of my house. Then you will REALLY get a look into a bit of my personae.

Patti O Decoration
PS I have to remind myself to explain the variety of Patti O Signatures


Judy Vars said…
HI Patti O Decoration
Before I moved to Alaska I owned in SLC a Victorian eclectic home built in 1891 it even had a small gravestone in the back for a baby. I miss that old house sometimes.
Your entry reminded me of it.

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