What I do When I am Alone (Boring)

When I signed onto my blog, google had put in an ad for urinary tract infections. WHEN did I write a recent blog about that? I guess any illness is fair game for them to place an ad.

I am multi-tasking. Larry is gone for the evening, I am alone, and enjoying decorating and cleaning the house, ordering presents online, paying bills, making lists.

The cat is patiently sitting next to me while I eat my edamame. I threw him a few, and he pounces on them and chows them down.

I go to grab my Waterford crystal ashtray which I never used as an ashtray even in the days I did smoke, and it has been used as a spoon rest by some mysterious person. I grab another bowl to put all my vitamins and supplements in. I am finally feeling up to taking my pills.

I am also listening to a meditation cd that my friend has sent to me….I think I am not supposed to be multi-tasking listening to them, but I figure, at least I am listening to them and it is a start. (right?)

I find a pile of things to list on eBay or Etsy, and my thoughts wander to my fantasy world viewing whatever magic happens to walk through my brain at the moment.

In paying my bills I have decided that I should start designing books for the computer where you store all your usernames and passwords. I know you aren’t supposed to do this, but how else the F--- are you supposed to remember all of them? My space, EBay, Etsy, the bank, Honda, the utility company, the phone company, Amazon, the house insurance, Netflix, Photobucket and so on and so on.

I have learned to write the codes down as SOON as I register so that I don’t waste even more time by having to wait for emails that tell you your forgotten password, or resetting all your info. It is easier to write out a check, but paying online lets you wait till almost the last minute to pay it. You don’t save paper if you print out a receipt. I have a folder for the confirmation emails, but that too is getting out of control……

So this is how hours of my evening has gone by. I made a dent on my desk and on the floor. I think near everyone is paid, or their bill has been found. I am still surrounded by papers, but they make more sense now, and I can see the top of my desk.

Tonight’s pic was taken in Mexico the summer of ’06. I would love to be on a float right now…

Patti o pool


Judy Vars said…
Sometimes I wonder how I remember some of the passwords I make up. Computers area wonderful thing. Don't get jealous but I am getting a Vista opetating system.
tangled stitch said…
I just use the same kit and kaboodle for everything. Actually I have two or three kit and kaboodles and remembering what exactly goes to what is a bit difficult.

I wish I were in Mexico. Very nice picture for a frigid rainy evening. Thanks.

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