Snow Angels

An image for the season......
I am doing the snow dance so that I get a three day weekend...or so I hope. It is snowing out now, but we are only supposed to get a half inch or so.

It has been a busy week--visiting Gary, cooking for his brother, still filling orders. I have been going from dawn till the late hours of the night. Last night I needed some comic relief and watched South Park (I am a secret South Park fan)

Later I am meeting up with Marcel, my friend from Berlin, to go out to the Skytop to hear Jeffrey Gaines sing. Snow or no snow, I will be tasting a few of the brewery's beers and grooving to some fab music. Till the next time.........



Anonymous said…
Personally, I recently started watching "Family Guy". I think it's hilarious. Plus, a friend gave me the complete "Dilbert" animated series. Ah, reminds me of Army bureaucracy--good times! Try watching that.

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