Deja Vu

I should have known better, not to drink on an empty stomach, but somehow that did not register. The pain of making that mistake in the past did not sink into my mind.

I did not have any time to eat dinner before going out. Larry was driving, I figured I could have a few drinks, but POOF---I was rendered useless for one entire 24 hour period, suffering miserably. It is only now that I can sit and type!

I only had a few beers, and Marcel was sipping on scotch, so I took a few sips of it in exchange for some of my beer. The crowd was good, Jeffrey Gaines and his opening act were both fabulous, made even more special by the intimacy of the small audience. AND the beer was fresh brewed and very tasty.

I only had one other scotch experiences, and from that I should have ALSO known better than to let any of it past my lips. The other time was skiing as an older teen (I was legal---drinking age then was 18) with my boyfriend and his friend. One of them had a Thermos of hot tea, and a hip flask of some very expensive scotch.It was mid morning, and cold. They guys were sipping the scotch, and I had some too.

I remember renting my ski boots and running into my old science teacher, and talking to him on the line. I probably smelled of booze. What he must have thought of me, the quiet little brainiac who was in the top 15 of her class!!! Later on all I remember is trying to stand up on my skis in the snow. I kept falling over and could not stand. I lay in the snow laughing hysterically and had enough wits to take off my skis and crawl to the car where I slept for several hours. The car was spinning. Fortunately I did not freeze to death as my boyfriend skied, and I woke up a few times to run the car for some heat. Actually he should have never left me in a car, but then again, he wasn't thinking too clearly either. I felt horrid the whole ride home, and swore NEVER AGAIN.

Then there is the Halloween story, but that will be for another time.

So yes, I had a nice time, but it wasn't worth the price. Next time I will eat SOMETHING if I am going out, or else not drink, and even more important still, I can not drink the hard stuff!!!!!!!! Blech!

But the ginger ale and clear soup has seemed to settle my stomach, and now I just feel weak. I know I needed rest and to lose a few extra pounds, but just not this way!

Tonight's artwork is the Epiloge/last page from my zine EAT MAN DRINK WATER. I changed it a bit in photoshop for the blog, but the zine consists of a bunch of these that tell a very wicked story. Makes a great stocking stuffer!!!!!



Mat said…
last page, but not last,
epilog never isn't the end,
because the World must to go! ;)

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