I felt assaulted by flashing lights while on my adventures tonight. Cars. Police. Firetrucks. Police. Flashing Lights. Christmas lights. More Police. (did I say Police?)

It put a damper on my evening as it took me forever to get to Rhinebeck, and I was paranoid about having anything to drink at dinner with Lois, so I made my wine spritzer last two hours, and slugged down a glass of seltzer afterwards. I walked to my car, jumped up and down to get my cheeks flushed (what for---I don't know) walked around the car, checked all my tires (I have a few sloooow leaks) and wished that my tail/brake light wasn't out. I have known all these things for a few days, and have been putting off dealing with them. Now that I have a leatherman, I am capable of fixing all these things on my own. NOT in the cold.

On the drive home I see police lights. Sure enough, a car is pulled over, and has one headlight, and oops, it looks like a Firebird. I make sure there is no braking action in case the cop turns around and sees me and.....

Two minutes later on the other end of the bridge is another set of lights. Hmm....a nice sports car with a high spoiler. Again, no braking. Whew.

As I slink home I go at a speed that I don't have to brake very much, especially if there is a car behind me. I check to see if the cars behind me have a rack of lights, but when you are paranoid, every car or van seems to have a set of lights.

Now I have no reason to be paranoid about getting stopped, but I HATE getting stopped by the police, and I especially hate tickets. Too many flashbacks to the old the time I got a ticket and went to change the headlight and shoved the screwdriver up my nose and had to go that way to show the police I had fixed the light, blood dripping from my nose. (then he had the audacity to point out another light that needed to be fixed..) Or the time I got into ....oh never mind. Some things are better off not told.

I made it home fine, and got my angst out in Photoshop, playing around with filters in order to make tonight's art.

Off to bed to dream of a snowstorm....patti o shovel


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