The Eve

I have to go run and make pudding for the three chocolate cream pies which I have to bring to my sister in laws Christmas Eve dinner.

I am exhausted, need a nap, and wonder how I am going to stay up for another 8 hours.

Most of my presents are wrapped, all my food shopping done, and if I get home at a decent hour, I may even feel little if any stress.

I ran into my friend who teaches yoga, which reminded me that I need yoga for my mental, physical, and emotional health. Put that on my New Years list too. I am a high stimulation person, I just need to figure out how to be stimulated to the max and be centered and not stressed. Therein the challenge lies.

A picture of my tree. I finally had to ask Larry how to set the speed and F-stops on my digital camera. I do not like to shoot with flash, which adds quite a challenge in setting exposure, light setting etc. At least this is relatively sharp, or was sharp until the internet reconfigures my photos and then they appear blurry, when in fact they are not. That is one thing I have not figured out yet in Photoshop; how to get a crystal clear picture on the internet of my work. It always looks compressed, no matter what resolution I post it at. Any suggestions?

My tree is about 8' tall, a Frasier Fir, and bought from our favorite guy who sets up on Route 28 every year. He no longer imports his trees from Canada, they are bought from a local tree farm across the river. They are about as fresh as you can get!

Off to cook, will post more later or tomorrow, and may you all have a lovely Christmas Eve, for those of you who celebrate this Christian Holiday (that is for another discussion, but no time for that!!)

Patti O Tree


annie kelleher said…
happiest holidays!!! your tree is gorgeous!!! hope you all enjoy!
Judy Vars said…
Happy Christmas to you and your family. We're having turkey devan for dinner.
tangled stitch said…
Merry Christmas! I hope you are having a lovely one. Your tree is lovely and i'm sure the pies came out divine. Have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year too!

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