No Wonder I Feel Like a Scrooge

I am thrilled my daughter and granddaughter are home for a week. Though I know I won't see them all the time, and welcome the break from all the commotion, I do so love the times we have when we are together.

I should be thrilled and constantly ecstatic, right?

I have felt stressed, had back pain, general malaise, and some depression, and bemoaning the fact that I have to now do all the things in life that I hate; cleaning, wrapping, tagging, and cooking, and the E word. Entertaining. The way I have been feeling, I don't care if I ever saw another human again.

Bah Humbug.

Yesterday Megan, Alanna, and I went out for a ride for a while. Alanna fell asleep in the first five seconds of the ride. We could not wake her, so we thought, what can we do?

First thing we did was head to the Burger King drive thru where I ordered a Whopper Jr. Do you know how many years it has been since I have done that?! I had this intense craving and I went for it. I wolfed it down, while Megan daintily munched on her salad sans dressing.

The kids headed out for the evening which was good as I have to tag all the gifts. By 9 pm I am in so much pain and exhaustion that I go to bed. Now I have a sore throat as I drift off to sleep.

I wake up this morning. I HAVE CRAMPS. What the $#*&#^% !!! Come to find out, Peri-Menopause played a very mean trick on me and I have my period two weeks early. I want to cry. Throw Up. Scream.

At least that explains many of my symptoms of general Scroogedness. I can breathe a sigh of relief that I am not crazy, ugly, demented, or depressed. It is only my hormones, the nasty little devils that they are.

I hope the next 24 hours will lighten up so that I can smile some, feel joy. Right now I might hit up the glugg (Larry made it last night) and some tylenol.



Anonymous said…
Please send Glugg down here, ASAP!!

MB Shaw said…
Oh honey, what a bummer. Drink up, that's what I say!!!
Have a wonderful holiday. I am so glad you have Megan and Alanna with you, what a gift.
tangled stitch said…
I've been having a bunch of days like that too. Thanks once again for letting me know I'm not alone. Enjoy your daughter and granddaughter!
Anonymous said…
Megan went to BK and had only a salad???? I'm shocked, I tell ya, shocked!!!

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