Winding Down

Thousands of thoughts have run through my head. So much to blog, so little time.

The fire is dying down, and I want to catch the last few moments of its heat.

I have cooked, I have fed, I have entertained nights on end. I have struggled, and I have laughed. I am full of glugg, of wine, of spiced cookies, of eel, and many other exotic foods.

I have survived the family disasters, and basked in the love of friends.

Tonight's picture is of my husband last night, making a visit to all the little children. Alanna tells people, "I saw Santa outside the window, and I FREAKED OUT". Out of the mouths of babes.

To all a good night, and there is plenty of time for more words of wisdom, and of 1001 tales.



Anonymous said…
How long are Megs and Alanna visting for? I'd love to see them :)

Happy Holidays,
Judy Vars said…
Thats so cute what Alanna said..I have never tasted spiced eel sounds interesting. Ho Ho HO
:O Judy
Anonymous said…
Sounds like the stress is dissipating. Enjoy the holidays!
oldflowers4me said…
i love it when the man of the house dress's up as santa- the little 1s love it so much-and spiced eel- tell us what it tastes like- thanks for your note- i love to read them- la la la love jo anderson p.s dont forget to put your lip stick on....

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