Snow and Ice and Beowulf

I ventured out into the world today, warm in my insulated boots, sweater, wool coat,scarf and gloves. Larry had manicured the driveway, cleaned the cars, and all I had to do was get in and drive. Nice.

The roads were slick and I fishtailed quite a bit, but I am fine as long as no one else around me is spinning out of control. When I drive in snow I visualize a force field around me and so far it has worked....try it! lol.

After a calm day, I headed over to the mall to see Beowulf. I was not sure I would like the animation, but quickly I was transported to another world, and swept away by the special effects which were much more impressive than the story line. I found this type of computer animation fascinating and its complexity makes what I do seem like infants play. I will need to rent it on DVD so that I can view the extras, which are sometimes more interesting than the movie itself.

I did object to the fact that though Beowulf was shown nearly naked, (they did show plenty enough to see that he had a great ass), they never did a full frontal. Swords, warriors, carefully placed beams and monsters shielded our eyes from his great, or, not so great...manhood. Damn.

But oh - wait, when the main monster (played by Angelina Jolie) makes her appearances, she proudly displays her fake looking large breasts complete with nipples, and you get a hint of her V---that leaves barely enough to the imagination. And of course, it is taken for granted that you would see her ass.

It's movies like this that are another reminder that we live in a man's world. Shee-it. I say us girls need to do a remake, and let's make it EQUAL.

So off to fantasy land where I will have to fill in the blanks.

Patti o fire


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