Patti O......

Many of you probably wonder..why I sign my blogs, Patti O Furniture, Patti O Decorations, Patti O Tale.

It is actually a very silly story, but one to tell nonetheless.

I was in the heart of the Catskills, in a town called East Durham. It was the week of the Irish Music Fest, where musicians from all over the world gather to take classes with well known musicians that play traditional Irish music.

In the evenings, the teachers get together, as well as the students, and jam in all the pubs that dot the quiet little town known for its Irish population and for the fest.

My friend has attended several times and rents a tiny cabin at a cabin coloney called Stacks, which is resplendant in its 50's worn decor.

So we are out one night, and everyone is drinking pints, many feeling no pain. I am staying overnight so I don't have to make the long trek home.

I am in the middle of a large group of people, being introduced to Paddy O this, Paddy O that, and at one point someone asks me what my name is.

I glibly replied "Patti O Block". They stared at me, not quite getting my joke.
I chuckled and walked away.

Since then I have used this line hundreds of time. Patti O Furniture, Patti O Dancer, Patti O Shower, well, you get it.

Perhaps you had to be there; it acutally was pretty funny to see their expressions, and my friend hysterically laughing at my silliness.

After that, a few people shyed away from me. Perhaps it is because, as I was told at a party last weekend, that tall, attractive, smart women make men nervous (?!) and I guess if you have a sense of humor, that really seals the deal.

Here's to humor, for without it, I would be off to the Patti O Ward.


Judy Vars said…
That picture looks like Patti O Ghosty.
Anonymous said…
Uhm, where and when is this again?


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