In a Moment of Silence

In a moment of silence and pre coffee awareness, I read a headline about the death of Dan Fogelberg.

I stopped, and tears came to my eyes.

He was one of my favorite singers when I was 19. I was in college, and shared a house with three other people, spending many fabulous long nights in my room painting while playing my albums. The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, John Denver, (OK yes, I even had a crush on him and fell in love with a few boys who definitely had his look but were taller)

My little room was the most magical of places as it was my first place away from home. It was a place that was MINE; only invaded when I wished. It was also a time of being wild….having left the prison of my family home, where I existed a mere shell of myself. Be quiet, behave. Get good grades, and NEVER express your own opinion, and NEVER talk back.

I was a free woman and it was the 70’s, when disco rocked, and life was one big party, while at the same time pulling a 4.0 average in college.

When I THINK of some of the things that I did, I start to get a hangover.....

Dan wooed me with his romantic ballads, and to this day I still smile wistfully when I hear his songs. I played Souvenirs till I wore out the grooves. He was my fantasy man, who crooned sweet romance and wisdom into my ear.

I read that he died with great dignity and peacefulness. I hope that is true. I think so, as he was wise as a young man, and could only get wiser. Much of what I did not understand then, I understand now.

In closing here are some of the words from Part of the Plan...

I have these moments
All steady and strong
I’m feeling so holy and humble
The next thing I know
I’m all worried and weak
And I feel myself
Starting to crumble.

The meanings get lost
And the teachings get tossed
And you don’t know what you’re
Going to do next.
You wait for the sun
But it never quite comes
Some kind of message comes
Through to you.
Some kind of message comes through.

And it says to you...

Love when you can
Cry when you have to...
Be who you must
That’s a part of the plan
Await your arrival
With simple survival
And one day we’ll all understand...

to your next journey.... patti


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