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I think that this piece of paper that I used in my digital collage was an early lithograph of King Edward VII - but I could be wrong. But assuming that it is, I now know how he tuned out his mother, wife, children, and lovers...he had earphones that fit.

I work out on the elliptical for an hour. I listen to my Ipod as I work out, as it helps me get a rhythm, and tune out all the extraneous grunts, tv, bad music, and conversation happening around me. I go into the zone, or try to. But just as I get there, and the music sounds great in my ear, one of the ear pieces falls out, or loosens, and I am back to fiddling with it.

I have used the standard Ipod earphones. They keep falling out so I bought a pair of over-the-ear headphones that I could not test as they got so hopelessly tangled that I got disgusted and stuffed them in a bag. I bought 30.00 Skull Candy headphones that won't stay in my fact, I use the smallest of the earplugs and they are too big for my ears. I have to return them as I hate them even more than the cheapo Ipod ones.

I guess I will have to check out the over-the-ear headphones when I untangle them and figure out how to KEEP them untangled.

I thought about going up to each person listening to music and survey them. But many of them are in THEIR own zone and would probably think I am totally nuts--which I am not- just a little bold and thirsty for the answer here.

I have noticed head phones on some people. I think I have several sets of those to test out too.

If ANYONE has a suggestion, would you PLEASE post to my blog? I have the feeling that I am not the only one with this issue. (Or do I just have tiny ears?)

Patti O


Anonymous said…
I have the over the ear ones, for exactly the reason you said. The ALWAYS get tangled, and I try keeping them in a seperate pocket. Its sorta my warmup, on the machine, going slow, untangling my mess......but they stay on my head. Let me know if you find something better. Hey, lets trade KiSS
Anonymous said…
I think they make earphones where the material around them can be smooshed in your ear? I don't have them but I had the same problem with my phone.

I quickly found out that there was a short in the wires which caused me to constantly call numbers in my address book while working out...

Over the ears - Ross
Anonymous said…
JVC makes some decent noise-canceling headphones with a retractable cord. That would solve your cord-tangling problem. They are around $50 at the PX; I'm not sure what they would be elsewhere.
kathleenrachel* said…
I have JVC Marshmallow earbuds and they're really good. they sort of squish into your ear and are pretty snug. Also, the "squishable" part is washable so they last a super long time. I've had mine for over a year now which is by far the longest any of my earphones have ever lasted. Overall I give them a thumbs up :)
inventivesoul said…
Oh I LOVE this picture that you made!
So cool!

Royalty rock and roll!


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