More Flooding

Had today off due to snow/ice and then heavy rains. I had grand plans for the day, and about all I accomplished was getting the guest room tidied up as it looked like a hurricane hit it.

I have been designing my web sites, and due to the learning curve and my computer, I am having some issues and it is taking a tediously long amount of time. The fact is, I need a new computer.

The other fact is, I need an entire drainage system behind my studio because it got water in it for the second time this week.

Instead of painting or making cards for my orders and sites, I was mopping up water with my half a dozen or so old bath towels, and then spinning the water out of them and drying them for the next round.

I got paid in advance for a shipment of cards, which is saving my ass as my next heating bill is due.

Why couldn't I have been a trust fund baby, or married a wealthy man?

As I was mopping up messes, I thought, this too, will make me stronger.


Patti O Bucket


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