Night Reading

In my quest for simplicity and keeping the detritus of my life at a minimum, I have had to do a lot of excavating. I have a four day weekend, so I have decided to put some effort into organizing my life.

In doing so, I have reunited several pairs of socks and gloves, missing for a few GULP, years, and today's photo reveals the reading material underneath my 40's nightstand.

The following was unearthed from the pile:

Art Books:
Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
Treasure's From Olana; the art of Frederick Church
A local Art Guide
2007 Woodstock School of Art Workshop Booklet
Doug Ready's Greeting Card Manual

Fiction and Non Fiction:
A Case for Isreal
Inez of my Soul
Handmaid of Desire
Cold Mountain
Roar Softly and Carry a Pink Lipstick (something close to that)
Mrs. Dalloway
Crossword Dictionary
Secrets of the Powder Room

Out of Body Experiences: Leaving the Body
A Path with Heart
Voluntary Simplicity

an LL Bean and Victoria's Secret Catalog
an issue of Mary Englebreit and Martha Stewart
a notebook
a National Geographic issue on Ancient Egypt
an address book
and two bills.

All in one small space.

Off they find their way to their appropriate bookcases (I have separate locations for art and all my other books) and there I will weed a few out.

Out to the studio to do a bit of work, or maybe even paint!

Patti O Cleaner


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