People Actually Read my Blog?!

I woke up to a lot of snow coming down, a day off from school, and a bunch of comments made on my blogs.

It is always cool to get comments, especially from people that find me however they arrive to my pages -- in other words, not my friends or relatives that read my blogs - strangers from all over the world.

Two very interesting people who left comments on my writing were musicians, whose work I checked out and found really wonderful.

One is Stefan Andre Waligur whose music and background can be found on his website and blog Songs of Peace Read his 2/4 entry on A Very Modest Proposal (about bringing the troops home for Lent and more--a MUST read). Touche Stephan. Head over to his website too to hear several of his works.

The other was from a young Seattle musician John Brysonwhose writings are thoughtful and poetic. The recent blog "recordings" features his guitar playing with a young singer Kendal Sasso Her music and his guitar are lovely together. I especially like the song Under Your Eyes.

The foot of snow today blanketed the world in silence and everyone stayed home. It was a day to pay bills, clean up old emails, do some surfing, selling, and take a "late afternoon nap" with Larry. We acutally ate breakfast and lunch together, and may even make it to see my latest Netflix movie Farinelli.

Off to fantasy world, and to snuggle in deep within the comfort of our bed.

Then tomorrow will be the big dig out.

Keep those comments a comin', patti


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