The Orphanage

Last night we went to see the Spanish movie "The Orphanage". Check out the website which is very very cool, though some of you might not be able to see all the flash, depending upon your computer and connection.

The movie was moodily filmed in Spain, and I was mesmerized, thrilled, scared, grossed out, (a few disturbing scenes, thankfully not too overdone) and moved to tears.

It has been likened to The Sixth Sense and The Others, both of which I liked, but with Euro flair, which to me means less is better.

I believe this was the first film made by this director, and it was done well. There were a few scenes which I found a bit campy, like the swirling mist, the full moon, and the light house. Such scenes were reminiscent of old Karloff movies, and I think the references and the camp were not necessary and seemed out of character with the rest of the movie.

The Rosendale Theater, where we went to see it, dates back to 1949. I have been going there since the late 70’s, when I was introduced to it by my first husband.

When you step into the theater, it is a trip back in time. The late deco color and d├ęcor is still there, along with the same staff that seem to have not aged a bit in 30 years either. I have to say, there is something spooky about that.

The seats are a bit worn, the ceiling has some problems, the colors are funky, and it has an old musty smell that you sort of get used to. (augh, is it mold?!) But it is a place where you can get popcorn for 1.50, a ticket for 6.00, and see Indie and non mainstream films

It is NOT a place you go if you don’t want to be seen with the person you are with as there are LOTS and LOTS of locals and friends there. It is quite different than the hustle and bustle of the mall, where you can get lost among swarms of kids, or duck into a bathroom.

Tonight’s art is a tiny piece which I love. (speaking about less being better..). It is simple, but the meaning profound, at least to me, and it fits into the tiniest of spaces, and quietly sits.

Adios, Patti O Ghost


Anonymous said…
So, it's the middle of the night, and I decide to check your blog before I go to bed. This movie "The Orphanage" sounds interesting, so I google it and visit the website. Great, now I can't sleep, and that's just from the trailer. Oh, well, I'll just watch another episode of "L&O: CI" so I can calm down before bed.

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