Pumping Iron

Well I blew off writing, making art, AND going on the computer last night in lieu of a massage, a therapy session, and then dinner and drinks at the Armadillo. It was half price margerita last night, which was PERFECT and I ordered up a nice filet mignon. I don't eat meat much, but when I do a want a FABULOUS cut and it has to be perfectly seasoned and cooked. This one passed the test with flying colors, and beat out the Depuy Canal House, and at about half the price.

I have been working out for the past month. At the beginning of the year I decided that if I am going to have pain no matter what I do, I might as well be in shape. The upside is that I think as I strengthen my muscles back to when they were before I fell, I am feeling less pain.

I can't run, my plates/screws hurt too much, but I have worked my up to an hour on the elliptical, going about 4+ miles, and burning a good 400+ calories. On days I have extra time, I also work my upper body on the nautilus machines. I do this three times a week. Oddly enough, my pants are just getting tighter, and my butt bigger, and I am suspecting that I am indeed losing some weight, but now I am gaining some muscle mass. But my favorite pair of jeans that I bought in New Orleans the spring before the flood, (the ones, shhhh..that cost 120.00 which I have never paid before OR since on jeans)are just getting a little too tight.

It feels good. I know I will not run races anymore, but I am getting stronger every day, and will be in good shape for hikes.

Off to get ready for my workshop this weekend. There are photos to print, paints to pack, etc. etc. and Larry wnats to take me out for Sushi tonight at Kyoto. We rarely see one another, so I accepted. It's a date.

ciao! patti


Anonymous said…
It will even out. The muscle is located under the fat layer (which you don't seem to have much of.)

This means that when you work out, it will cause you to bulk up a little bit and then that muscle will burn off the fat when you're at rest (1lb of new muscle will burn off 50 calories at rest.)

Also, when you work out, the muscle will get microtears and it will get a a little inflamed at first and then settle down. So if you tried on the pants a day or two after you worked out your legs, that's why they might be tight.

I really need to become a trainer,

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