Lillies of the Mantle

I have not taken many pictures inside since the holidays, so for tonight I dug out the tripod and took a few photos of my Valentine Stargazer Lilies.

The house still smells heavy with their perfume, overpowering most anything we have managed to cook, even over the cat box when one of them makes an obnoxiously smelly poo. (usually right before someone comes over---ever notice that - cat people?)It makes me want to always have fresh fragrant flowers on my mantel every day. That, and a housecleaner would be LOVELY (I spent too much of my weekend deal with house and bill issues etc.)

Today I had a painting date with Lois, and we painted in my studio nearly the entire day, with a break to take a 2+ mile walk as the temps were in the 50's and the sun broke through the clouds in between showers.

We looked at photographs of the Hudson Valley and of Tuscanny, daydreaming about future trips in the field. In the meantime, we are quite content painting in the warm and cozy heat of the studio!

Off to post my new business card designs to my Catskillpaper blog...see you there perhaps!

Ms. P.


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