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Judy from Cabin Fever in Alaska blog tagged me. Here's how it works:
1) Find a book closest to me with at least 123 pages.
2) Turn to page 123 and go down five sentences.
3) Type the next three lines into my blog.
4) Tag five other bloggers.

Here it is:

"rather Yogically, is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen. Like all great philosophical ideas, this one is simple to understand by virtually impossible to imbibe."

excerpted from Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love.

I am surrounded by books, but in this room most of it is related to Digital Art, Computers, artist's reference books, guides, and a few pieces of fiction. Right around the corner in the other room is a large bookcase of art books. To the left around the corner are two sets of barrister bookcases, a total of 12 cases, one of which houses my biographies on Marie Antoinette, Edward VII, Henry the VII, Queen Elizabeth et. al., while the other 11 house poetry, art, literature from the greats such as Miller, Nin, Sonntag, Marquez and thousands of others. Across the room is another book case stuffed with photography books, more poetry....you get the picture.

Back to the verse; I find that when I paint and work with teenagers I bring beauty, truth, and love to the eye of my heart which bears witness to God as we know him or her. At times I work so hard to search for it, and most often it is there in the most simplest of things that I do.

Off to find 5 people to tag. I have a small blogging circle of friends, so I may be hard pressed to come up with 5. In fact, there are only 3 that I can find as the others don't seem to deviate into things like these...so here are the three that I think will play:

Amber Dawn at http://inventivesoul.blogspot.com/
Liz at http://lifeasanartistinwoodstock.blogspot.com/
Mary Beth at http://mbshaw.blogspot.com/

Off to rest. Working out sometimes kicks my ass.

And ANDREA----you are too funny, but you know, there was a spiritual truth to what you said, if we work hard to be the best we can be in life, we are all "10's". Thanks for the reminder.

Off to meditate....or nap.



MB Shaw said…
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MB Shaw said…
Oh goodness....tagged again. Ok, here is my excerpt:
"the children worry she will poison herself with spoiled food or burn down the house. Families must adjust to each new lost "inch." It's hard for an adult child to watch the mother who gave her birth grow old and helpless."
excerpted from Another Country by Mary Pipher, Ph.D.
I don't have a lot of books in here either, other than textbooks and such. This is a book about handling aging parents. I haven't even started to read it yet. Sounds sad though, doesn't it?
Judy Vars said…
Sorry, when I get happy-go-lucky e-mails to pass along I usually don't, just because sometimes it's slightly irritating to feel obligated.
So thanks for playing. It is quite revealing in a way.
Anonymous said…
Can I play? You can tag my myspace blog if you want. Here's my excerpt:

"This can be a number or text.


Choose [any value] from the pop-up menu. This is useful when you want all tags with a particular attribute, but you don't care what the value of the attribute is."

--excerpted from "Dreamweaver CS3 Visual Quickstart Guide" by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith--a FASCINATING tome, full of sex, violence, and political intrigue!

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