The Ice Storm

I had a most gleeful day. The schools were closed due to the ice storm, and I stayed in all day and
I washed and dried ALL the bedding
I made homemade chicken soup
I made shrimp salad
I cleaned my bedroom a bit which is always a struggle
I worked on building a web site for one of my new domains
I made a sketch of the website for another domain
I paid bills
I photograhed and processed in photoshop
I listened to music for hours turned way UP
I started designing new cards
I called friends
And now, I am going to make the bed with all of the clean warm bedding, and watch either Lady in the Water or another episode of Rome. Either one, it is all good.

Thank you universe for the gift of a day alone to muse and create and rejoice in the gift of an "ice day".

patti o ice
PS artwork is my glass ball in my garden which is covered in ice, and has been altered in photoshop. Titled Blue Ball. I love reminds me of the ice blue candies my grandmother had in a crystal dish. It also reminds me of the blue lights of my other grandmother's christmas tree. That blue with silver was mesmerizing. It is also the cool blue of the ice in late afternoon on the Hudson River.


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