Happy V Day to All

I am sitting here, my head reeling with the smell of the Stargazer lilies that Larry sent to me at school that are gracing my mantle, making it look like something out of Southern Living.

The bouquet was 3' long, and I could not circle my arms around it. I had a hard time getting it out of the school, into the car (they took up nearly the entire back seat of my CRV)and then find a vase large enough to these fabulous lilies.

I spent the night without Larry as he had to work. I did not mind as I knew at least I had a Valentine, and even though he was not around for the evening, he would eventually find his way home to me. I was out with a few of my single friends, and we definately spent some time lamenting about how we don't understand men at all.

I agreed with them on many accounts, but they reminded me a few times that I should not complain too much because I HAD a nice man, and they did not. I was humbled and knew they were right.

The Valentine Card I gave to Larry is a quote from Herman Hesse "If I know about love, it is because of you". I know that because of his infinite patience and steadfast love for me I have been able to learn how to love, and for that I am most grateful.

Here is to love in all its forms, whether or not you have a Valentine.........

Patti O Love


tangled stitch said…
Lovely sentiment. I had a nice time with my hubby taking care of me. Happy Valentines Day!

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