Color My World

First of all, thank you Judy and Megan for the thoughts behind tonight's blog. My friend Judy in Alaska,(the amazing author of Cabin Fever in Alaska )commented that she loved the photo of my kitchen. I was honored, but did not think too much of it, just another piece of data in my whirlwind sort of life. Ah but now I see...

A few hours later Megan wrote me from Tennessee: "I have been looking at the pics from Xmas and the ones you put on your blog, and the colors you painted the kitchen and hallways make your house seem so much cozier. It makes it look like such a warm, friendly place. Makes me miss it more. Hmph. Miss you, Love Meg."

Such emails bring me joy. My house and my art are direct reflections of my struggles, and I have striven to make my home a place of safety, quietude and love. It is the subconsious that chooses the palette, the pictures, the stories --the past, the journey, and joy of now that makes it what it is.

So here I give you a photo of a place of comfort, above my stove. Though the sign reads "slave headquarters", it is with humor that I celebrate the joy of collage cooking, my favorite kind. To the tune of Judy Collins:
I always cook with honey
To sweeten up the night
We always cook with honey
Tell me, how's your appetite
For some sweet love



Judy Vars said…
I feel like our homes are a reflection of our personality but even more than that its the nest we create for ourselves on this physical plane.
I'm getting my carpets cleaned and buying a new couch and my walls need paint. LOL

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