The Life of an Artist

My days are packed. Today after work a 4+ mile workout. Then home to the studio to work during the last fading light of day which is my favorite time to get into the studio. Cards to design, orders to pack. I wanted to work a bit on my Olana painting, but I ran out of energy.

Inside I work on my WE DO website, more on Catskill Paper, thinking all the while how I am going to make my mark on the internet.

Problems with the paypal shopping cart....and I don't know how to resolve them. Do I have to install a shopping cart. I am sure that both of my websites will undergo MANY changes before it gets to a level that may work for everyone. In the meantime, PAYPAL will have to suffice till I figure out the fixes. Too much to think about.

All the while as I perseverate on my art, I am also sub-perseverating on the weather of the next two days, trying to focus on an early dismissal, and at the very least a delay the following day, or even better, a snow day. All I can think is about working on my art in the middle of a snow or ice storm.

I know, I sound burnt out teaching, but I am not, really. I am just SO INSPIRED that all I want to do is EAT, DRINK, AND BREATHE ART and teaching sometimes gets in my way of that.

But-it's all good.

Back to work. Oh, and this is the underpainting of the Ashokan Reservoir. Close to being finished...maybe, but I will post it as it comes along. The photo does not show the true colors or subtlety, but it gives you the feeling.


Greetings. My name is Stefan Andre Waligur. I stumbled onto your blog today and just wanted to tell you that I appreciate the " Life of an Artist" entry. Thank you. I believe there is great value in describing the creative process...the extraordinary ordinary of our everyday life , thoughts, and feelings. It is most encouraging and inspiring to others who are also in the creative struggle.
My own field is music. My website: My Blog address:

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