Grumpy but Pleased

I have spent the past 2 or more hours fixing two computers with problems. My computer stopped recognizing cut/paste/copy in Dreamweaver. After hours of messing with the mouse/keyboard/program, and a long time searching, I found a list of possible solutions. Amazingly, I fixed the problem, and it is working fine. But the fix took a L O N G time to figure out.

Then I had a compatibility issue with my Webroot spy/virus ware and my new Windows VISTA program. The program kept going in a loop and would not let me use my touchpad or do anything to turn it off, get it out of the loop, shut it down etc. I finally opened it up in Safe Mode, and was able to figure out how to solve the issue, which necessitated a download to upgrade the program. Then I had to reconfigure my touchpad which took me a while to figure out.

So there went my working on my website, eating, taking a bath, and doing an assignment. Perhaps the universe will be kind tomorrow and let me have a delay so that I have a few extra hours to work on it before my last class on Friday.

I am signing off as I am tired, we are having some heavy thunderstorms rolling in as the cold front slides past..unusual for this upstate NY weather.

CIAO. patti o technician


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