Rotten Eggs, over due bills and 375 emails

I know I have been working too much and not paying attention to the real world when I do things like forget to pay my Staples bill and get slammed with a 29.00 late fee, or put the bills in my book bag and forget they are there and then wonder why I am getting reminders. I lost a check for a brief day or two before I discovered where I stashed it in a moment of multi-tasking. Then there was the eggs. I am sipping my coffee in a state of much fuzziness this morning when I opened the fridge to figure out why it smelled like rotten brocolli (there is some in there, I know it!) and gaze upon the eggs and suddenly realize that I had bought a dozen fresh free range eggs from one of my co-workers at school and I don't know what I did with them.

I did find them today, tucked away in a bag on the floor buried under newspapers by my desk. Off to the garbage they went, and I was kicking myself the entire time thinking of all the wasted egg salad, omlettes, and deviled eggs.

I am in over my head sometimes and constantly have to carve out time to do remember to scoop the cat litter, clean the house a bit and take care of the endless paperwork. I have to get organized and sit a half hour a day and work more on the taxes too. I am sure I will be getting SOMETHING back out of the 1,000s that have been withheld.

I am also in over my head with emails. All 375 of them that I have kept for one reason or another. A video to watch, an art site to visit, a letter to respond to.

So tonight, instead of cleaning the bathtub (yuck) or making the bed in the guest room, I am going through some of my emails and enjoying the music or the art.

Here are a few for tonight. Innocence Mission's Lakes of Canada is accompanied by a video of a couple carving pumpkins. Or check out collage artist George Jesakkal's website.

Periodically I get a bunch of really cool ones together and take a day in class to look at winning commercials, u tube videos, sites etc., but now the school has so many filters on our computers that I can't show much of what I have. Heaven forbid that somewhere on the website is the word nude mentioned, as that is the B A D word in school. CENSORED.(don't get me started on my rant about America using everything to sell sex but God forbid nudity!)

For a surreal trip, go to Kunstbar and view the video. It might take a few moments to load, but it is worth it.

Off to try some more Allende. xxpatti o space


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