Art Day

I spent my entire day from 9-4 painting in a wonderful studio at the Woodstock School of Art. under the tuteledge of artistChristie Scheele.

It was fascinating to learn new techniques, and I was intrigued by working on a dark ground, and using a thick wax paste to mix with the paints and make thin glazes.

I took a deep breath and broke out my largest canvas as I am often intimidated by a huge blank canvas. The first thing I did was paint in dark tones very abstractly. As soon as that was dried we worked in the first glaze.

Unfortunately I won't be able to finsih them in the workshop as they need to dry 5 days or more before I can go to the next level. I will start two more and hope that I can finish it on my own without guidance!

I forgot the camera, so I did not get the first step of both of the paintings, however, I will photograph them before I go to the next glaze.

This is the business card that I designed today for my Catskill Paper business. Though the ephemera museum is not up yet, I believe two pages of cards are up and ready for sale!

Till tomorrow! Patti O Painter


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