Why be a tiny cocktail sausage, when you can be a mighty wiener

So with that title, I am posting a card that I made the other day for my Catskillpaper website.The card is on my site under handmade greeting cards should you absolutely have to have it. The image is from an advertising company from the late 1800's and it features a dog chasing a weiner (oh love that word!) on a stick, while unknowingly being tortured by children in a cart. Get that weiner - not.

In case you are wondering about tonight's blog, I copied the title of one of the many emails that were filtered out from my website email. I get tons of email to my websites, but alas, they mostly try to get me enlarge body parts I don't have, or fix things that aren't broken on me. Oh, and drugs, tons and tons of cheap drugs just waiting for me. Gobble gobble yumm yumm.

I spend most of my email life hitting delete, delete, delete, wondering, what if I did answer some of those emails ???

Patti O Weiner....


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