The Great Soup Bible

Today was perfect for making a big pot of Pistou soup for dinner, and for lunch tomorrow when Lois comes over to paint. I got some good whole grain bread, and fresh parmasean cheese for the soup. From the south of France, it is made with a tomato and pesto base, with fresh veggies such as peas, green beans, carrots, potatos, shallots and more.

It came from "The Ultimate Soup Bible", a must have for you soup lovers. I am making notes directly on the pages, (like my friends did after they made each soup). One needed 1/2 the amount of veggies (it made 2 huge soup pots and I got sick of it after a while!) while this one was just PERFECT.

It was a fast soup, and Larry went back for more twice!

I love the simplicity of a bowl of soup, a piece of fresh homemade whole grain bread, and a glass of red wine.

Europe, here I come. When Lois and I do go to paint in Italy or France, we shall easily be able to eat the most simple of foods, because they are often the best.

One of my favorite memories of Florence as a 19 year old was going out to market to buy fresh cheese, bread, fruit, and a bottle of wine and that made for my meal for the late afternoon. This time I will appreciate it even more, and not be in such a rush to finish the bottle of wine!

Off to read some of my recent magazines. I have made a vow to myself to keep current and be inspired by what is happening in the design and art world around me.

Patti O Cooker


Judy Vars said…
Hi Patti O Cooker
That soup sounds delicious and soup is one of my favorite things to make and to eat. I will need to get the Ultimate Soup Bible. I wish I could come over tomorrow to paint.

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