The Ghost in the Machine

I had a really freaky thing happen to me when I was writing my blog last night.
I know there is a computer explanation for it, but it is not one I know of, and if any of you fellow computer heads know more than I about what may have happened, PLEASE offer me some possible explanations.

I write my blogs in Word as I am having problems with the Java Script on my computer, Every time Blogspot auto saves, it throws up a screen asking me if I want to debug.It is very annoying as at times it is constant (and how does one fixeth that?)

I make the link for the movie the Orphanage in the document body, and test it out from Word. The website comes up (I was on AOL at the time) and the music comes on. I cruise through the website, and then close it out.

The problem is, the sound effects from the movie are still playing. The wind is blowing, the stairs are creaking, and there is THE thump. If you see the movie, you will know what the thump is about.

I figured it would stop. It never did. I shut down word. I shut down AOL, I shut down everything and still the loop of very creepy sounds keeps playing out of my speakers.

Finally, I shut the computer totally down, and then restarted it.

No more sound.

HAD THERE BEEN SOUND, I think I would have started freaking.

Then my friend emails leave this comment on my blog:

”So, it's the middle of the night, and I decide to check your blog before I go to bed. This movie "The Orphanage" sounds interesting, so I Google it and visit the website. Great, now I can't sleep, and that's just from the trailer. Oh, well, I'll just watch another episode of "L&O: CI" so I can calm down before bed.”

As I think more about it, the movie was pretty creepy. So, go see it if you dare.

Patti O Horror

Oh and tonight’s photo is of some Cat Eye Operculum Seashells that I bought on Etsy. They were used in Victorian jewelry to ward off the evil eye. I might use them in some encaustic pieces at the studio tomorrow.


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