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It is only 10:30 am, and thanks to Larry for delivering me my coffee in bed I have finished a great article on How to Be Creative by artist Hugh Macleod and just tuned into his blog Gaping Void.

The article is quite good, and all you artists/creative folk should download it. It is one of the amazing free things in life, and there were several points that hit home, one of which is Chapter 24: Don't Worry About Inspiration; It Comes Eventually.

So, when I don't blog, it merely says either I am exhausted, busy, or simply don't have anything to say. It gives me permission not to write lest I bore you with some meaningless drivel -- and you get enough on the TV and radio, never mind from me.

Yesterday Larry and I dug out from the storm, and I actually enjoyed doing some shoveling. Rather than look at it as a chore, I looked at it as getting some fresh air, and working out my upper body.

After that job was done, I headed to the gym to work out my lower body. 5.5 miles on a new elliptical machine, all done in an hour.

In my younger years I was never a fast runner, but I raced every weekend that there was a local 5K or 10K race. I ran 3.2 miles in about 28 minutes (once a 2 mile race in 14..) and could do a 10K (6.2 or so miles) in an hour. But heck, that was when I was 30, and I am now 50 (which is the new 30 I am told, lol) and I am thrilled to be doing what I am doing at my age and with some physical problems to boot. (I am determined to look like Bo Derek, when she came out of the sea in that infamous movie 10, sans beaded hair, this summer. I'll let you know how it progresses).

Anyhow...I took along an old pair of headphones from one of my ancient Walkman to try. I found two had no foam on them, not sure if they were supposed to have foam or if it got destroyed, and the other a SONY set. I opted for the Sony set with foam. Not once did they shift on my ears. Steady as she goes for one hour of sweat and movement. They are a bit tinny sounding, the base is not that great, but at least I am on the right track here.

Thanks for all of you who emailed me or posted to the blog. I am returning the Skull Candy earplugs, and not going to bother with looking for any more earplug sets. Instead I am going to look for a small, lightweight set of good over the ear phones. No more fiddling, no more discomfort.

All my problems should be so easily solved.

Off to finish the chicken soup I have started, and then off to shop and then paint for a few hours this afternoon. It is all good.



Judy Vars said…
I know with everything you're doing
and how busy you are, but tag you're it.
Anonymous said…
You're already a "10"!

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