Pretty in Pink

Tonites art is a card that I made from an antique print which is decorated with 100 year old plus glitter. I helped it along with some vintage pink trim and a piece of German gold metal decoration Non-denominational, perfect for saying Happy Holidays. (In my ebay store).

I am really tired and sick and heading to bed. Went to the doc today and the doctor said BRONCHITIS, which did not surprise me as I already knew that. After years of having bronchitis and pneumonia, I can tell when the junk goes to my chest.

Since I was a child I have always had bad lungs. I remember having to do these exercises that were supposed to make my "underdeveloped lungs" grow. I had to touch my toes, and as I came up take a deep breath, then let it go. As I think of it, I was doing yoga at 6! I missed tons of time in 2nd and 3rd grade due to bronchitis which I would get every 3 weeks. I think it was my bodies reaction to stress as a child, and it still happens now. I have ONE fond memory of the head nun saying "Patti , heard you had "Brown Kittens" again. Bad joke, but when a nun says that, you HAVE to laugh. Even then at 6 or 7 I knew when I had bronchitis. I have had it so bad that I have broken ribs. I think that it will be the death of me they are my weak organs and when I get stressed, my lungs get sick. Then it take WEEKS for the cough to go away.

In the old days I would get codeine cough medicine so I could sleep. Now I am thankful for the anti-biotics that they give me. I haven't slept in days, despite the nip or two of vodka I take. That seems to do nothing except keep me still enough in bed. I have been drinking tons of homemade ginger tea, and someone at work told me to make tea with parsely and lemon to bring up the gunk. I will have to google that.

Megan went to the oncologist today and they gave her pills to start to get her blood count up. She has to go for blood tests 2x a week till she is strong enough to start the chemo. She still goes to work and works incredibly long hours, a kudo to her strength and fortitude.

Off to bed and more tomorrow, Patti O


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