Self Portrait

This monkey sort of looks how I feel-or if you ask Larry, he might even say that it really looks like me. Lookin' hangdog from lack of sleep, carrying my Breathe Deep tea around. Hey, you know, forget the BREATHE DEEP, how about BREATHE? I would settle for breathing never mind deep. Deep makes me cough up a storm. LOL. BUT the codeine worked and I slept for the first time in a week!

I stopped by the art supply store as I needed more blank cards for my show, and found these great wood panels that have sides and if you prime and paint the entire thing you just need 2 hooks and a wire and TA DA! (as Alanna says) I am excited as I can collage on them, paint, do encaustics, etc. Even relief work. As long as you paint/finish the 1" or so edge, you can hang it on a wall! I have to figure out how to make at least 4 of them by next weekend for my show. I have lost so much time in the studio due to being sick. But I always surprise myself as I have art all over the place and I will just take along a bunch of small pieces, and somehow place them around my tables along with my cards. I will have some ornaments too and it will work. I need to find some small easels so that I can display my small works on the table as I don't have a set up for fine artwork yet. So it looks like I will have to go to Michaels tomorrow, but will try and get there early before it gets crazy with shoppers. And then hopefully work as much of the day as possible!

A reminder, links to ebay and etsy are to the right of my blog. I have been listing all kinds of fun things...from vintage Christmas seals, to ornaments and cards. And a few other interesting things that show up from time to time.

Ok off to try and sleep so that I can go full steam ahead tomorrow! :) patti


inventivesoul said…
No offense Ms. Gibbons, but there IS something that does look like you when I see it next to your miniature profile picture to the right!

I know that you have a monkey last name, and that you probably hate the fact that people teased you years ago about it... but this particular picture does remind me of you!
Not if I didn't see it on your blog though... I do not think of you as a monkey woman!

Amber Dawn

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