Another Rainy Morning

I did not post last night. It was an evening where I wanted to take a bath, I wanted to post, I wanted to list a few things on ebay, but I did nothing. I did take the phone upstairs, along with a glass of wine, and called a few close people to talk.

I needed to talk to work out some angst I am having. I have therapy tomorrow, (good thing)and am trying to deal with life's injustices as best as possible. I did some work in the studio, got some glass slide ornaments foiled and ready for soldering, and try every day to get SOMETHING done for my upcoming fair. I have tons of work to do in the next few weeks and feel a bit overwhelmed, but my work is something that is difficult to hire someone to help me with.

I have to go shower and get ready for my day. Another day of rain, more flood watches, and another day that I have to pray that the water does not flood my studio! I picked all perishables off the floor last night, but even with everything in plastic, something always gets ruined AND it is such a mess to clean up after.

Positive thoughts for the day, this little cat card is one of a set of 6 in my ebay store.

Later! patti


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