Tree Farm

This is the last of the sketches I made in the car this weekend. Done with oil pastels on watercolor stock, then lightly brushed with Turpenoid and scratched into, the latter part done on my studio. I don't travel with it turpenoid in a cup as I would confuse it for my car drink, so I leave using that to a controlled setting. (once I swigged a bottle of beer while I was fishing, only to realize too late that it was filled with creekwater and fish scales. PLEWGH.)

It was a cute stand of trees -- it was a Christmas Tree farm, many of them lined up like little soldiers on the hill sides. They were so sweet and small and the world looked like a miniature surreal landscape; something you would put in your model railroad set up. (Lord, I LOVED my father's old train set and pieces that were set up every Christmas)

Art has been going well for me. I am making enough to pay my business bills, and even got an inquiry into a larger piece that one of my customers saw in my studio. Even if I don't sell it, the inquiry in and of itself makes me smile.

I had a few bits and pieces of sunshine in my otherwise dark day. Smiles and caring from friends, a wrong number asking for "Sunshine", and giving the finger BACK to the person who flipped me the bird because he was sitting dead still at the green light and I beeped. ( I usually don't do that sort of thing but it was a "Fried Green Tomatoes moment")

Up to snuggle in my bed. I am tired and not feeling great, let's see what Comedy Central has to offerr me.



Lay-z d00d said…
do u sell ur wrk on eBay?
patti said…
I sure do. I have a link to the right of my blog to ebay and etsy. Great that you blog. Love your pic. Also loved the part about your cousin wanting to overdose on wasabi. hahaha. Keep up the writing and blogging. It is a good discipline! Patti at Eat Man Drink Water :)

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