The last several posts have been intense. Most of my life in general has been intense. I try and simplify things when I can, and today was a day of puppies, toddlers,tweens,family, and fun.

I took Alanna to visit my sister and her family for a birthday party, and all was delightful. I did not turn on my cell phone, only made one call out, and for an afternoon lived in a world of peace. I came home to soft music and am helping myself to a glass of wine before bed. The moon is shining near full in the sky, the stars were twinking on my way home back to the mountains from Westchester, and I saw many paintings awaiting a canvas.

I am struggling with my painting, but know that in order to grow I must just paint. JUST DO IT the voice tells me. Who cares if the first 50 paintings go in the garbage or are scanned as backgrounds for some other work. I have decided I need to really explore my colors and do some mixing and make some charts. It will force me to become familiar with my palette and MAYBE I won't make as much mud on my canvas.

Tomorrow I look forward to a day of art and perhaps a ride later in the day. May it be a day of peace FOR ALL. And maybe there will be some new art to post!



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