Black friday-people lining up at the doors of the malls waiting for the stores to open as the sun began to grace the sky with its presence. I have never been part of the ritual; I don't have the patience. Instead, I opened up a few catalogs, marked what I was interested in and will shop online instead. I hate crowds, I hate circling the parking lot looking for a spot like a hawk zeroing in on its prey.

I had to go back to the doctor to get some REAL cough that will work- with codeine. I was so nauseaus today as I was filled with the tinctures and potions of both ancient and modern medicine. I have decided that I cannot stomach Cod Liver Oil by the spoon; I need to find an alternative way to ingest it. The homeopathic cough syrup tastes HORRID and the zithromax is wrecking havoc with my digestive system. Is not being sick enough without being tortured by medicines?

I dragged myself over the Hudson to Rhinebeck which was bustling with shoppers on the main drag. Fortunately I know of a few places where parking is usually available, so I slid into a spot and headed to Lois's. She owns an Aveda salon called Allure, and I spent the afternoon having my hair highlighted, my hands dipped in paraffin, and checking out the newest in gifts for the body and senses. Lois is a magician with hair, and is worth her weight in gold. She is a good friend too, so we caught up on our family and relationship gossip. She is my travel buddy, and we were comforted by the thought of our next vacation. We thought about checking out a few days in Las Vegas where we can swim, shop, and check out the night life. We had the best time in New Orleans, and our Mexican vacation had me mellow for a month.

Today's art was done for a book on blackbirds. Political in nature, the verse that went with it was "The Cabinet Crows started the attack, and the Gander finished him off" (from Tales for the Next Four Years). Yeah, I know, a bit esoteric, but some of you will get it. Another combo of traditional and digital collage.

Off to TRY and sleep. Sleep deprivation is starting to do some pretty weird things to me. I felt totally spacey driving, and I took the house portable phone in the car with me instead of my cell. I feel like I am I am going to TRY and get some shut eye. Bis morgan! Patti


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