It's that time of the year again when I go to my local postcard show and indulge myself in a few hours of ephemera hunting. I am always on the prowl looking for things that grab me, and I am sure to always find a few cool items to use SOMEWHERE, SOMEHOW. It just gets harder and harder to organize after 15 years of collecting antique paper. It was also a day where I closed myself into my studio with my recent hoarde, and mulled over the endless possibilities and then just grab one and start. I also always find a few things that I end up selling on ebay to help fray the costs of my paper addiction, oh, I mean supplies!!

I have wonderful Thanksgiving Cards in my ebay store, and it is the perfect time to send a card to someone you are thinking of, but can't go and see. It is a time to give thanks for such friends and family, and you still can't beat a lovely card sent via the US Postal Service! Each is made with an antique postcard and embellished with glitter on quality cardstock. The link to my shops are to the right of this blog!

I did not get enough time in my studio as I had wished for, but I made good use of what I had, designed a few wedding cards and started to think "Winter Holiday Show". Boy have I got to get my butt in gear and start producing!! It sure has been hard with a 2 year old running around. I manage to get some time in, but it is very fragmented.

Tomorrow's image will be a handpainted celuloid book cover and the photo of the artist...100 years ago.



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