That's What it Is

Today was an interesting day on a cerebral level. I am fortunate to have a very active imagination that allows me to go to many different worlds when I don't want to be in the present situation whether due to boredom, frustration, a just a need to go on a vacation in my head. Daydreaming gives us endless, colorful, and exciting possibilities that might never exist in the real world. My night times dreams are as vivid as my day dreams, only they are more surreal and unpredictable.

Today was filled with dreams on all levels. Right before i woke up I had a dream that I was going to get a massage from Marlon Brando. The YOUNG Marlon Brando. I googled him as a young man. He was hot. I was excited as someone had told me that he was quite interested in me. In my dream it didn't matter that I was married. It was he and I and everyone else was going to take a hike. I go into the room and there he is, in all his late life splendor; old, overweight, and in the dream he was missing his front teeth. I was so upset and freaked that it work me up, and I was pissed that what had the potential for some hot steamy romance got squashed. OK---WHICH ONE OF YOU NUNS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS!! WHOSE PAYBACK IS THIS?

I had a headache all day (no wonder) and a hard time shaking off the image. It was rather funny I thought, but had to shift gears in order to move the image along. The day does not allow me for much daydreaming but once in my studio I can go to another place and escape. I muse alot about relationships and romance and aging and keeping it fresh. About what I feel I am missing and what I have. And while I am doing some deep musing, one of my favorite musicians came on. And the verse that Mark Knoffler (Dire Straits) sang was "Everyone's looking for someone's arms to fall into, that's what it is."

Simple, poigant. As the Germans say PUNKT. I dug out this card as I knew it was the PERFECT image for that song. The thrill of romance, the power of lust and love. Falling into that incredible abyss of romance with beautiful men and women.

Only sometimes you fall on your face. But that's besides the point.

So I leave you with that as in my imagination I tumble and feel the warmth and the love of whatever or whoever I choose it to be.

That's what it is.



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