Sketch 1 - on the Taconic

It is very late so I will keep this relatively short tonite, short for me hahaha. The mini vacation was wonderful, we managed to get to Williams College Museum yesterday and to the Norman Rockwell Museum today. The weather was splendid, the temperatures warm, and we kept our escape as free from stress as possible. For me, that is work at times.

Both art shows were inspiring. I hungrily devoured the art I saw; the ancient artifacts of the Civilizations I cover in part one of my Studio Art 1 class, the textures and color of oil paintings, and the wonderful illustrations on letters done by various artists from the Smithsonian Collection.

I made a few sketches as passenger in the car. I find that if forces me to be more spontaneous and loose as I have to work fast. The essense of the impression is caught rather than the detail. I hope to work these into larger pieces eventually, but I love to sketch and paint in the car.

This piece was done on the Taconic Parkway. I made it before going to the museum, but it has a quality of movement that reminded me of the Grant Wood painting "Death on the Ridge Road" which I had just seen at the College. The perspective or atmosphere is not quite as exaggerated (or well executed!) but it is something I would like to explore more of. That painting is amazing by the way. The color, texture, and mood that Wood creates is stunning and INTENSE.

I have more art which I will post tomorrow, and more art to talk about!
Till then! patti


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