Meet Jennie

I walked into the paper show and was faced with some 20 booths filled with thousands upon thousands of postcards and pieces of paper. "Where do I start?" I thought. There were lots of people lining the sides, so I decided to go down the middle where there was less traffic. Postcard buyers are a very interesting and diverse crowd, and I was not honing in on someone's territory. There are some serious buyers out there who are not to be reckoned with!

I spotted Wanda, whom I had bought from before. She always has interesting ephemera and is very nice, so I dallied a bit in her booth. In my digging, I found this piece of hand painted celluloid which was used to put onto cards, books, etc. It was simply done, but sang of the early 1900's. Wanda showed me a real photo card that was a picture of Jennie and said "here is a picture of the woman who made that. She was my cousin. She was a comely sort of gal." I looked at the photo and figured all she needed was a good orthodontist. I put her back, rummaged some more, and then thought I really needed to buy the photo as it should be kept with her artwork. It was important that they two be linked. The painting now had a face and told of a woman who loved to paint and I am sure made many things with the celluloid she painted. (there were several pieces). You might think me strange, but there are some photos I keep as I feel I knew or know the person in some way, perhaps in a past life, or in a life to come. I rescue these people from dusty boxes, tucked away in basements and attics, and periodically look at them and give them honor on a shelf, in a frame, in an art work.

This one, Jennie, has become my muse for this season.

Happy Birthday to all you scorpios out there! Patti


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