There was a booth at the postcard show that had the most exquisite and expensive ephemera and books. Books about the photographers who took the photographs of the Adirondacks in the early 1900's for "REAL PHOTO" postcards. The history of these photographs which started around 1907 can be found in one of my favorite online free encyclopedias Wikipedia I have linked it so that it goes to the history of real photo postcards if you are interested.

I was talking to this most lovely woman and told her I was a collage artist. She then proceeded to take out her collection of cards that were like the one I posted. She had them in postcard and calling card size. Due to my budget (damn budgets) I bought one that I am going to use as a business card. The collage is made of old US stamps from the first quarter of the 20th century and was probably made in Japan. Each card was meticulously well done and they were in great condition.

I regret not asking for her card. I did leave her with my card however so that she could look at my art as she seemed to be very interested. Her collection is the sort that paper addicts yearn for. I hope to see her again.

I will post my card when I design it. I don't have much time as I have another card order to fill, have been in production for the Unison Fair, as well as everything else I have to be responsible for. (damn responsibility)

writing from Paperville, NY, patti


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