A Day in the STuDio

I had a bit more energy today-good thing as I have so much work to do in preparation for the show. I made a trip to Michaels to get some supplies for both my work and for school. We are studying Roman art, so I decided to do a mosaic frame with the kids. For 1.00 each, I got a wood frame that they can mosaic onto with pieces of glass that I have. I have tons of "cullet" which is pieces of glass that are too small to use in stained glass projects, but PERFECT for making frames. They usually enjoy the project, and it will provide them with something that they can give as a gift too.

I finished a few encaustic ornments (on Etsy and some on Ebay) and made a dozen cards, and worked on some other ornaments. Things are a mess in my studio and it is hard to believe that somehow by the end of the week I will have everything together for a show! YIKES. I don't have much time, and tomorrow I have a wake to go to, and Megan needs help with the baby. Great grandma has been babysitting for her, but I think it is too much for her so I feel obliged to pick Alanna up after I get home to give her a break. We try and help out as much as we can as it is appalling that Megan has to pay 40.00 to a baby sitter when she works a 6 hour shift, and all she makes after paying her is 26.00! OY. Maybe I can hire her for a few hours this week to help her out.

Todays card is one that is a print of a mixed media collage that I did, combining painting with an 1800's diecut. I use real German glass glitter to embellish it, and the card is quite sweet.

Off to dash off some lesson plans. I have gotten way behind on my school work!



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